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"The network is the computer," as a famous technology CEO once proclaimed.

Never has that been more true than today. With enterprise data increasingly stored across a range of platforms from various cloud providers to legacy on-premise environments, and application access similarly fragmented, effective network management has never been more complex nor critical to master.

The marketplace has responded to this need with a plethora of solutions. Finding the right one for your enterprise in terms of features, functionalities, and cost is challenging enough. Learning how to optimize your network management with new toolsets and approaches, such as those offered by DevOps, is even more so.

As in all things, our goal here is to help you arrive at the right solution set for your organization's needs and to learn how best to manage your increasingly complex network in a truly effective manner. What is your network management strategy? Are you positioned to provide your organization with optimal network performance, reliability, availability, and security?


ONUG (Open Networking User Group), "Software-Defined Data Center Security Fabric" Panel Discussion, New York University,  NYC, October 2015