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Why DevOps?


With the DevOps revolution, enterprise IT is finally growing

From its earliest days, IT has been marked by a demonstrably unhelpful separation between those who write code and those who manage the systems that execute it. 

DevOps seeks to transform this world of organizational silos and inefficient delivery mechanisms. It also seeks to transform the world of IT work in substantive, profound ways.

Combining the formerly separate functional areas of Software Development, QA/Testing, and Operations, DevOps aims to create a far more collaborative IT culture, one that focuses on delivering high quality software and systems in a fundamentally more effective and efficient fashion. Extended release cycles are replaced by a "rapid cadence" deployment approach, enabled by new tools and techniques as well as by more collaborative business + technology teams and agile project processes. Manual monitoring and alerting is improved further, and increasingly, via automation and machine learning.

With this focus on culture and people first, followed by improved processes and tools, the goal is to create a continuous cycle of business value delivery. While many IT shops still operate in legacy fashion, the tide is turning increasingly toward an adoption of DevOps ideas and practices, as put forward in graphic below:

Understanding The DevOps "Flow": Continuous Value Delivery


DevOps in the Enterprise:

Enterprise DevOps Adoption from RightScale 2016 DevOps Trends Report.png

What does DevOps have to offer you? How can it help you improve the quality of the IT products and services you deliver, and ultimately, your overall business performance? How do you "cross the chasm" and begin realizing the benefits of leveraging DevOps practices? Or, are you already a DevOps practitioner looking to graduate to the next level of value delivery for your enterprise?

Either way:

DevOps: A Global Community

Over the past 8 years, DevOps has moved from the fringes of IT consciousness to the center. From Seattle to Minneapolis, from Boston to Austin, and from Riga on to Istanbul, DevOps local monthly Meetups and "DevOpsDays" annual conferences have become "go-to" events for software developers, test engineers, operations professionals, IT managers, and tech industry leaders alike. The driving forces behind these are enterprises eager to enable and achieve the highest quality delivery level of features, functionalities, and services across the IT software and hardware landscape. Often leading the way: senior software engineers and operational managers who work at the forefront of enabling IT culture to achieve increasingly demanding business goals.

To learn more about these events at both the local level and in many cities around the world, check out and the DevOpsDays global website.

DevOps Boston - Monthly Meetups, Annual Conferences

In the greater Boston area, we're fortunate to have a vibrant, highly engaged, and mutually supportive DevOps community. Meetups take place on the last Thursday of every month. Upcoming sessions can be reviewed at:

In 2017, several of us in the local community reconstituted the leadership team for the Boston DevOpsDays annual conference. That event attracted almost 500 technologists for two days of engagement via formal talks and informal "Open Spaces" conversations. Some 30 corporate sponsors supported the event, helping to make Boston's DevOps community one of the most vigorous and successful in the country.

Our 2018 conference, held again last fall at the "Cyclorama at The Boston Center for the Arts" and “Calderwood Pavilion” Speakers’ Theaters in Boston’s Historic South End, was even more successful. That event attracted 680 technologists, 35 corporate sponsors, and 30 speakers – a 33% increase in attendance over 2017. Clearly, DevOps Boston has achieved a level of critical mass never seen before.

For those looking to catch up on or follow-along with these developments, our 2018 Speakers’ Program videos are available online at YouTube at:

Planning is currently underway for our 2019 DevOpsDay Boston Conference. For registration information, our conference agenda, and sponsor prospectus, visit us at:

For those interested in helping to organize or volunteer during this event, please contact us at:

On Twitter, we can be reached at: @devopsdaysbos.


Finally, for the latest on how DevOps is transforming the IT world, check out Puppet's 2018 edition of its annual
"State of DevOps Report"